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  • 卡萊富1979

    卡萊富1979 (5).jpg

    廣州卡蘿娜啤酒有限公司座落于廣州番禺的5 A 級景區長隆動物園附近,毗鄰廣州南站高鐵站,地理位置優越。公司以經營卡萊富啤酒和卡蘿娜蘇打酒為主,兼營其它業務。

    Guangzhou Kulona Beer Co., Ltd. is located near Changlong Zoo, a 5 A scenic spot in Panyu, Guangzhou, adjacent to Guangzhou South High-speed Railway Station, with a superior geographical position. The Company is mainly engaged in Kalefu Beer and Kulona Soda wine, and also engaged in other businesses.


    Kalefu Beer originated in Mexico in the Caribbean Gulf, according to legend, before Spain invaded Central America in the 15th century, Mexicans began to use corn and cocoa to brew beer. The most mysterious brewing process of Pale cellar beer (lager process) is said to have a history of nearly 9,000 years. Its surprisingly refreshing taste and stimulating taste of carbonic acid were once popular.


    The whole series of Kalefu Beer includes various glass bottled beer and canned beer, ranging from 208ML, 236ML, 250ML, 275ml, 330ML and 460ML, malt degree ranging from low to high, alcohol content ranging from two point eight percent to 

     three point six percent, and four point five percent or even higher, which can be described as dazzling and rich in variety.


    Kalefu Craft Beer, brewed for 30 days with SAAZ hops from the United States and Australian malt, retains the original style of beer to the greatest extent. It is a pure and classic craft beer with a strong wheat flavor, a clear and slightly sweet taste.


    Kulona Soda wine is originally designed to be packed with 275ml small bottles of four colors in each box; it is good-looking and adopts 33-layer reverse filtration technology to remove impurities and the bitter taste; the soda uses 96-degree vodka as the base liquor and combines imported fruit juice and spices; it has both fruity fragrances and alcohol power, winning the love of consumers; at the same time, Kulona Soda wine will also take the lead in introducing leisure and gift packaging of 330ml pop cans to meet the needs of urban white-collar workers and festival markets.


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